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August is an interesting time in retail, it’s busy for some and super quiet for others, there are conferences and famils and then the Christmas rush. And most of us have had enough of being cold!

Now is a good time to familiarise yourself with new and old suppliers and this edition of the EDM is all about suppliers.

This week we have new blogs from Journeys and Africa, On the Go Tours, TripFuser and a brand new supplier – Access Ireland and UK Holidays.

Between them they cover a wide range of tour styles, budgets and destinations. Do yourself a favour and take some time out to read this week’s blog and then check out the itineraries.

Greg’s tip of the week

How to add more branding to your journey planners?

Following on from  Alex’s Branding EDM (click here if you missed it) I thought I would show you how to add more branding to your Journey Planner emails.  Many of you have email footers that show your customers the latest deals, you can also do the same with Journey Planners.  Once you have your image ready (images should be a maximum of 600 pixels wide and no more than 4MB in size) go to the Your Account page , on the lower right of the page is a big button labelled Change your Email footer Image .  Click on this button and locate your image file on your computer, once found click the open button to upload the image.  The image will appear on the accounts page once the upload is complete. If you’re not happy with the image you can click the delete button or change button to remove or replace the image.  You can change your footer images as many times as you want. Send a Journey Planner to yourself to see what the image looks like.

The Buzz

What's new in touring Take some time out to read the Buzz.  

Blogs from Journeys & Africa, On The Go Tours, TripFuser and Access Ireland & UK Holidays

We have made it easier to see the specials and deals that suppliers send through by changing how you can access them. You may have noticed a new, orange link appearing on the search page. Click on it to see what’s current.

Great deals from G Adventures and Greece and Med Travel Centre

Let us know what you think of the new link.

Wishing you a successful week