Tour Atlas for Tour Operators
Why your tours need to be on Tour Atlas

Tour Atlas is a digital distribution platform that connects travel agents with tour operators. Our purpose is to connect travel agents to tour operators, especially independent agencies as they are quite often the hardest ones to reach and maintain contact with as you would know.

  • Tour Atlas is a low-cost solution that enhances existing methods of lead generation
  • The platform compliments your sales team, it does not compete with it
  • Tour Atlas is a valuable addition to the suite of tools currently used to increase brand and product awareness
  • We can provide pre-sales insights that cannot be gathered from any other platform currently in the market
  • Tour Atlas API can streamline the transfer of tour information from your system to our search engine
  • Over 90% of consumers use meta search sites when researching travel, including travel agents
  • The travel industry is full of disruption, Tour Atlas supports and connects instead of disrupting
  • Lower IT costs and faster implementation than developing an in-house application
  • Tour Atlas is an IT company solely focused on the continual development and refinement of our touring product database, API’s and search engine
  • Australian based company, we are the developer and do not out source
  • Don’t become the Kodak and Blockbuster of the travel industry, move your tour itineraries to API with our cost effective, easy to use API

Our model is subscription based, all suppliers pay according to their TTV, running on this model ensures that we stay neutral and that a supplier cannot pay more to have their tours rank ahead of their competitors. We believe that this is the best option for both the consumer, travel agent and supplier. Getting the right product matched to the client’s needs produces the best outcome for everyone.

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