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Have you started your AAT Kings A-LISTER Journey yet? 

Join agents in the know and get on board with the AAT Kings Group   

Late last year at AAT Kings, we were proud to announce the launch of our innovative 'A-LISTERS' initiative, aimed at providing travel agents with a VIP industry experience. This innovative twist on agent training offers a range of new offerings and touchpoints, including the AAT Kings A-LIST ACCESS podcast and a new Agent Academy Training Platform. 

Do you love VIP treatment? Do you love to win travel experiences? AAT Kings, has you covered with the AAT Kings A-LIST ACCESS podcast. This unique podcast series is designed to inform and entertain travel agents, allowing them to tune in during their commute, lunch breaks, or whenever it suits their schedule - as it’s mobile-friendly.  

Hosted by dynamic duo ‘Nick & Yas,’ friends of AAT Kings Group, the podcast offers invaluable insights into the latest travel trends, tips for successful selling, Australian and New Zealand destination highlights, and information on sustainable travel, among other exciting topics. This podcast seeks to equip travel agents with all the tools they need to reach their professional best and become an AAT Kings Group A-LISTER. 

Each AAT Kings A-LIST ACCESS podcast episode finds Nick and Yas interviewing key team members from across the AAT Kings Group, from the CEO to our product experts, to Operations Manager to destination representatives, to passionate Travel Directors and more. 

They have also interviewed and profiled local AAT Kings Sales Managers from various regions around the globe. Their approach is light-hearted and entertaining, yet full of interesting and educational content. 

With ten episodes already launched, in response to agent feedback, AAT Kings is kicking of 2024 with our brand new “Destinations’ series, where our hosts will be interviewing a range of guests from key state and national tourism boards. 

We are turning traditional agent training on its head with this multi-channel, engaging podcast and online training series. Designed for both newcomers seeking comprehensive information and experienced agents looking for top-up courses, this platform offers training in small, digestible formats that can be listened to or watched. 

To access the A-Lister podcast visit: www.aatkings.com/a-listers 
AAT Kings A-LIST ACCESS podcast – We’ve gone global! 
Launched just three months ago, the AAT Kings A-LIST ACCESS agent training podcast series now boasts agents across ten countries reaching Level 1 Go-Getter and Level 2 Rising-Star status. 
  • How do I listen? A-List Access is live on all major podcast streaming platforms with Spotify being the most popular to date. And of course, all episodes and online modules are available by logging on at www.aatkings.com/alisters  
  • Where are agents tuning in from? While the vast majority are Aussie agents, we have keen potential A-LISTERS downloading episodes in New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and even one keen agent in Brazil! 
  • Most popular episode to date? Episode 4: Introducing AAT Kings' new Aboriginal Culture & Australian Highlights tour! 
  • How many agents are on their A-LISTERS journey now? While we’re not divulging any in-house secrets, in recent weeks, over 300 agents across the globe logged on and commenced a new module or episode each week!  

So, get ready to level up and unlock your A-LIST status today! aatkings.com/A-listers. 

Ask Your Sales Manager or visit aatkings.com/A-listers.