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Hotel barge cruising is one of the unique and memorable holidays you will ever choose! But… if you pay a lower price, do you get a lesser experience?

Barges are categorised as First Class, Deluxe and Ultra-Deluxe, and priced accordingly. But no matter the category, it’s really important to know that you can look forward to the same very high standard of cuisine, wine, excursions and level of service on every barge – all exceptional! 

The on-board chefs are carefully chosen for their experience in the industry and their innovative cuisine. So whichever barge you choose, you can rest assured that you will be absolutely blown away by the wonderful food!

Premium wines are painstakingly chosen from local domaines, many of which are renowned among wine experts. It’s a fabulous way to experience French wine because every lunch and dinner is accompanied by two different wines; a red, and white or rosé. In addition, there is at least one tasting a week off the barge – often a superb experience at a local chateau, or meeting families who have produced generations of amazing wine!

The service level is that of a 5-star hotel – even if you are cruising on a smaller First Class barge! The warm and attentive crew are always English speaking, always exceptionally experienced and always focused on pampering their guests. 

Excursions each day are diverse, informative and include visits to chateaux, local markets, exquisite villages and historic sites. Again, all the excursions on every barge are designed with a great deal of thought and local knowledge of the most interesting locations!

So while your choice of barge may be based on budget, you can rest assured that across all of the fleet these vital components are of an exceptionally high standard, and guaranteed to make your cruise unforgettable!