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Improvement Log

9 May 2020Added Wendy Wu new API
30 Jan 2020Added Your logo to the header of Tour Atlas
15 Dec 2019Added Start and end location options to search panel
10 Dec 2019Added Country/Currency options allowing you to generate pricing in NZ dollars
16 Nov 2019Fixed Tour planner to only show selected departure date
16 Oct 2019Added filter on departure dates of the Tour Display page.  Only show dates within search range or show all dates.
5 Oct 2019Change Journey Planner to Tour Planner.  Fixed formatting on Tour Planner email.  Removed automatic salutation on the Tour Planner email
31 Aug 2019Enabled manual sorting on compare list
31 Aug 2019Create Journey Planner extract to Microsoft word.
25 Aug 2019Fixed Collette data feed
25 Aug 2019Added CIE to Tour Atlas
19 Aug 2019Added Evergreen to Tour Atlas
13 Aug 2019Add search data extract for tour operators
12 Aug 2019Added Scenic tours to Tour Atlas
10 Aug 2019Launch Tour Finder
4 Aug 2019Added Tour Operator Spotlight as well as tour operators specials link
31 July 2019Fix problem with Globus API 
28 July 2019Completed development on Tour Finder
25 July 2019Added Unmapped Travel to Tour Atlas
21 July 2019Added Access Ireland & UK Holidays to Tour Atlas
15 July 2019Added UniWorld and U River Cruises to Tour Atlas
1 July 2019Added TTC brands, Trafalgar,Costsaver,Contiki, AATKings,Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations to Tour Atlas
1 July 2019Added Micro-Cruising to Tour Atlas
7 June 2019
Added Explore! tours to Tour Atlas
7 June 2019
Started change log