About Tour Atlas
With a traveller’s heart and brains wired to see and solve problems, we are solving a problem that has been ignored for too long. Rapid changes in the travel industry and customer purchasing journey are leaving travel agents behind to use out-dated, slow and frustrating research methods.
Travel is about human connection, we visit countries, cities and cultures to observe and participate. This human connection begins with a travel agent, the original travel influencer.
At Tour Atlas, we want to bring the human connection back to travel planning and we believe that is through providing travel agents with innovative, tailored and quick solutions.
We have done this by developing a client engagement tool for travel agents that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device and at any time to search, compare and email tour options that suit their client's needs.
We have direct access to operator's tour data, which enables us to provide travel agents with quick and up to date access to all tours with current prices and availability.
Tour Atlas is a sustainable long term solution to printed brochures for tour operators who are conscious of their sustainable business practises as the whole process from selection to beginning the booking is electronic.