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G Adventures Most Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Who are you?  
    G Adventures is a small-group adventure travel company and social enterprise founded in Toronto. It offers more than 750 tours in more than 100 countries on all seven continents. We carry over 200,000 travellers from 160 countries each year.

    We create travel experiences that support small businesses, contribute to local economies, and strengthen communities. It is our mission to make travel the greatest form of wealth distribution the world has ever seen. 

  1. How sustainable is G Adventures? 
    As a responsible tour operator, it’s always been G Adventures’ goal to ensure it uses local services and employs local people. In 2018 we introduced the ‘Ripple Score’, an evaluation score for trips which indicates what percentage of a tour’s local expenditure remains in the local economy. The average Ripple Score across its 640 scored trips is 93, meaning that 93% of the money spent in-destination across these tours is spent with locally-owned businesses, benefitting local people.

    We also have animal welfare, child welfare and responsible travel with Indigenous people policies to ensure that tourism supports their well-being. 

  1. How does your partnership with National Geographic work? 
    National Geographic Expeditions has entered into its fifth year in partnership with G Adventures, the tours allow travelers to discover the world through the eyes of National Geographic-supported wildlife researchers, historians, nature conservationists, and others. Each small-group tour will be led by a specially-trained G Adventures CEO (Chief Experience Officer). They offer upgraded accommodations, more inclusions, greater hands-on exploration, interactions with local experts, and the freedom to roam, all within the structure and security of travelling in a small group.

  1. What are your top selling destinations?
    South America particularly Peru, South East Asia, South Asia, Central America and Southern Africa. 

  1. How physically demanding is a G Adventures tour?
    Eachtour has a physical rating from 1 (easy/light physical activity like a slow walk) to 5 (challenging requiring a high level of fitness). 5 is reserved for our most demanding active tours like hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, most of our tours will be a 2 or 3, light to average.

  1. What do you mean no destination brochures?
    That’s right, we don’t have brochures for destinations, we split our brochures into Travel Styles. We have five brochures: Classic also known as the World's Greatest Small Group Experiences, National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, Marine, Active and 18-to-Thirtysomethings. Pick the brochure that best suits your traveller’s style!

    Our other travel styles can be found on our website: Wellness, Rail, Local Living, Family and National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures. 

  1. How do I book online?
    You can book online though Sherpa, our agent booking portal.  Reach out to your Global Purpose Specialist for assistance. 

  1. What is Planeterra and how do I talk about it with travellers?
    Established in 2003, Planeterra is our non-profit partner dedicated to ensuring communities touched by tourism benefit from the opportunities it provides. Planeterra helps empower local people to develop their communities, conserve their cultures, and create humane and supportive systems for their endeavours. Planeterra manages over 75 social enterprises on all seven continents, that benefit women, at-risk youth, and rural and indigenous communities through five project types: Meals/Food, Handicraft, Accommodation, Transport and Experiences.

    Planeterra is a great selling point for G Adventures, by the end of 2020, 90% of small-group trips will visit a community tourism project, look for the “G for Good” Moment in the tour itineraries. 

  1. When can I experience a tour myself? 
    We run two major agent incentives per year; in July 2019 we had 5 for 1, book 5 tours within 50 days and get one free for yourself, look out in 2020 for our next iteration of this incentive. Currently we are running our global incentive until 31 Dec 2019: Change Makers where 15 agents from Australia and New Zealand will earn a spot on a global famil, last time they went to Peru, look out for the 2020 destination announcement soon!

    We also offer competitive agent discounts- up to 70% off a tour if you book within 30 days to departure* t&cs apply.