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89% of Australians would prefer to spend their tax return on travel.

Are you providing the inspiration for where they can be going?

Tax returns are being credited into bank accounts, which means now is a great time to be using Tour Atlas to find tour itineraries that will inspire your clients to travel and experience new destinations while make new friends and memories.

Let these 3 very different suppliers provide some inspiration for you to pass onto your clients -

Did you know that Exodus has 615 itineraries on Tour Atlas? Here are some more facts that will help you sell Exodus

Best-selling walking destinations —Italy, Mt Blanc, Camino, Inca Trail, India & Nepal

Best-selling cycling destinations — Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Southern India, Italy, Portugal & Croatia

New destinations —Cuba, Moldova & Ukraine, Serbia, Norway, Colombia, Zimbabwe, The 5 Stans of the Silk Road & Greenland.

90% of guides are local to the country giving our travellers the best possible authentic experience.

Find out all you need to know about Exodus Tours by reading their blog on The Buzz
Have you heard of Unmapped? It’s worthwhile reading on, as they have entered an untouched niche in group travel.

Unmapped is a lux-adventure company for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s. The Unmapped mission is to bring together like-minded people for unforgettable trips to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Our trips are about exploring new destinations, connecting with locals, active adventures and epic food experiences.

Read more on The Buzz and the Supplier Info portal

And last but not least, we have just added 450 Scenic itineraries to the platform that can be sent out to your clients with your branding on them via the Journey Planner.

Comparing tours for the best price

Tours have varying duration and pricing, making it challenging sometimes to find the best option for your client.  One tour might be $2,300 for 14 day and another $1,200 for 9 days, how do you help them make the right choice?  With our compare tours tool, you can easily sort the tours by Price, Duration and Price per day.

The Buzz

What's new in touring. 

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